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Meetlaaf Elvis Blue's Brothers Tribute Acts
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This is the show entrance as you will see i take no prisoners!!! But I will adjust the tone of the show to suit all types of audience as you can see this was a holiday audience, Everyone was up for it!

The song in this clip is “You took the words out of my mouth” with a huge amount of fun!!!

The track here is “Dead ringer for love”, do remember these videos link together to form a whole show , i am new to the internet so some of the links and joins in the video may be rough but it will give u an insight as to what im like

The song in this clip is “I couldn’t have said it better myself ” you can see how much i enjoy performing so you should really enjoy it to!!!!!

The song in this clip is “Two out of three aint bad” one of my favourites and all the girls like this track – yes im so romantic !!!

Mad as hell” this is “Bat out of Hell” – the one thing you cant miss is all the smiles , that speaks volumes about the show people just love it .

This track is I’d do anything for love” – you will finally find out the true meaning of this song!!

This is the intro for “Paradise by the dashboard light

This song is taken from Meatloaf’s “Bat out of hell 3” it is an extra song but you will see a standing ovation which does say it all – indeed the faces of the audience speaks volumes!!!!!

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This is “paradise by the dashboard light”, I have performed this song for years even when i was singing in punk bands this was my song . In this clip you will see even young children love my show. i have had several girls do the female part in this song but it’s now better than ever because I get a girl out of the audience at each show…this I have found out adds to the fun !!