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Globe-trotting parrot has a growing flock of fans

              By Robert Wight,                18 August 2013 2.18pm.
  • Meatloaf impersonater, Tommy Taylor, aka “Meatlaaf”, with his parrot “Blaze”.Andrew Cawley/DC Thomson

Blaze Macaw is a true squawk-star!



Soaring over the Grand Canyon or strolling down Hollywood’s walk of fame.

Chilling with some chicks on Las Vegas Strip, or just enjoying a pie and a pint down the pub in Falkirk.

There’s no telling where Blaze the intrepid Scots parrot will turn up next — but he’s gathered a legion of internet fans keen to follow his every move.

Greenwing macaw Blaze is always at the side of his owner, Meatloaf impersonator Tommy Taylor — who goes by the stage-name “Meatlaaf”.

Travelling the country in their hearse — yes a hearse — the pair cause a flap wherever they go.

Tommy even took sidekick Blaze overseas on his bid to crack the US entertainment industry.

Now the five-year-old bird — who lives with Tommy and girlfriend Fiona in Bainsford, Falkirk — has his own Facebook page where fans follow his adventures.

Tommy said: “We’re inseparable — he goes wherever I go. It’s been that way since I got him as a tiny chick.

“He’s so tame and he loves people. He’s especially close to Fiona — he dotes on her. He’s like a wee person himself!

“He always attracts crowds of folk wanting pictures. I suppose it’s not every day you see a parrot stoating down the street.”

Three years ago, Tommy gave up everything and sold all his possessions to move to the States to try to make it as a performer.

The only thing he couldn’t leave behind was Blaze.

Tommy said: “There was a mountain of paperwork to sort out and all kinds of checks — it cost £1,000 to take him. It was only £300 for me!

“I even flogged my furniture. We arrived in LA and I bought a motorhome.

“I hoped I’d pick up work in clubs but it never happened. We lasted three months, but they were the best three months of my life.”

And although Blaze loved flying about at some of the US’s most iconic landmarks, it seems the experience left him a bit lost for words.

Tommy said: “It’s kind of weird but he never said a word the entire time we were there.

“Even when we were on our own in the desert, he never cracked a light.

“But as soon as we landed at Edinburgh he was saying ‘hello’ every few seconds.”