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FULL LETTER………….FROM ANOTHER TRIBUTE ACT..31 May 08:41 Great to hear from you Tommy!   My first name is Colonel… Yep, just like in the military… Im from Kentucky in the USA. I wrote you a long encouraging letter the other day but I think I deleted it instead of sending it… lol Sooo… It went something like this…. Dude, your show is truly unique. You are talented AND entertaining! A rare combination. I have officially STOLEN your “woman do you know your seventh commandment?” joke…. TOOO FUNNY!!!! You are talented enough to work as yourself doing standup. Might get you in some places the Meat act would keep you from playing. You are awesome at doing Meat so dont get me wrong. Just throwing out some ideas to get you around the backstabbers.. I know how it can be, I am a meatloaf in a world of ETAs… They say it stands for ELVIS TRIBUTE ARTIST… But Im sure it stands for EXTRA TERRESTRIAL A$$HOLES…lol I also do Skynyrd, Garth Brooks, Toby Keith, Hank Williams Jr. and more I stay fairly busy having so many to offer… You can look up the PERKINS BROTHERS on youtube. Between my brother and I we do more than 20 different tributes. Some one asked me the other day if there were as many Meat tributes as there were Elvis’… I told them that I was sure that I was in the top ten in the entire world…. but only because there were only nine of us doing Meat! lmao Absolutely a pleasure seeing your show on youtube and wishing you ALL THE BEST!!!! Colonel.


Hi friend [dont know your name] thank you very much for that Endorsement , that is very much appreciated …i don’t know where you are from…but I am in Scotland i find mostly backstabbers in the entertainment world, other tributes that work for certain agencies bad mouth me at venues trying to get the bookers to cancel me…indeed they do this HAVING NEVER SEEN MY SHOW…? They are not pleased that i charge reasonable rates with NO AGENCY COMMISSIONS …but i would rather work than sit in the house..lol sure they are a clique and they do make me loose work with their jealousy and bad mouthing.. I have even had to stop listing my gig dates.. .but I will not be beaten…so when i got your email…that made my day…i will add you to my friend list if that’s ok..i know we both do meat loaf…but my show is so Completely Different from any other i feel no threat…not like these prima donnas…..lol………once again thank you, you take care, i wish you every success. yours tommy.


Gaines Perkins

HEY THERE! This is Jesse of the PERKINS BROTHERS. My brother Colonel and I so much enjoyed your videos on youtube. It was the Meat Loaf songs we love and the comedy that we find so very needed in this world. LOL You are an ENTERTAINER! Colonel told me he had found you again on facebook so I had to look you up. I saw the car and thought, IF THAT DOES NOT SAY MEET LAAF it should. I put on my reading glasses and YEP that’s what it said. I wish you were close enough we could come to your show. I just want to compliment your singing, your attitude and certainly your sense of humor. Colonel let me read your message to him about backstabbing entertainers. So very sad and very true. Especailly the nutts who think they ARE Elvis. LOL I have had, what a I thought was close friends and performers, go to venues we work and tell them they will do the same show for half what we charge or even free. So we feel your pain. Stay positive, stay happy and don’t let them get to you. Your the one working and making people smile and I don’t think there is a higher calling in the world. If you ever need any tracks edited or rearranged, or made into medleys message me. I can to it professionally at no charge to you. I did one for Colonel with I couldn’t have said it better and the crowd loves it. Smiles to you and yours, and mark us down as TOMMY TAYLOR FANS.~ JESSE


hi JESSE, I just replied to your friend invite,,,then found you in my mail box…great…sorry for calling you Gaines…i thought it was your name…yes i watched you both on you tube both so very talented..thank you for the encouraging letter, the worst problem in scotland is YOU do get bookings…but other acts AND AGENCIES then tell the bookers lies and the venues cancel…but as you said i will not be beaten…i love what i do, you take care mate, thanks again, Jesse i had to answer your email on your page because face book has banned me from my mail box…and they took away my like button and my ability to comment on posts…so this is the only way i can contact friends…i can no longer add friends but THEY CAN ADD ME…SO PLEASE GET ADDING PEOPLE…LOL face book did this because i was promoting my MEETLAAF TRIBUTE SHOW PAGE…on face book and they want me to pay for their adverts..lol SO PEOPLE COULD YOU ALL GO TO MEETLAAF TRIBUTE SHOW AND HIT THE LIKE BUTTON FOR ME..THANKS… yours tommy.